Just when everyone in the vape world is going clone crazy, including a cloned version of the original Kick device.  Evolv steps in and surprises evyeryone with the Kick2 

This just showed up courtesy of Evolvapor the creators of the original variable wattage drop in module known as the Kick.  Essentially the Kick can turn a mechanical mod, into a variable wattage mod. I loved and still use the original kick on a daily basis.  As RBAs gained in popularity the need for a kick slowly went down.  

Well that’s where the Kick2 comes in .  This is what Brandon from Evlolv had to say about it. 

Output Power- 5 Watts to 15 Watts
Output Voltage- 2 Volts to 6.3 Volts
Output Current- 6 Amps
Atty Resistance- 0.5 Ohms to 3.3 Ohms
Low Battery cutoff- 2.7v loaded
Synchronous rectified for maximum battery life (very efficient)
Step-up/Step-down capable (RBA/RDA low Ohm friendly)
A couple of interesting things about this new Kick; It may look the same on the outside but it is a complete redesign on the inside, sorta a Stepford wife Kick.  It is actually closer to a DNA20 than to the old Kick.  It has a much lower battery cutoff and is a ton less finicky.  We also compensated for the typical mech mod resistance, meaning it will give you very accurate and very consistent power at the coil.  Oh and the price is the same as the original Kick :)
We started shipping them to vendors today, you should see them on sale next week.

Ive been rocking my Kick2 in a Nemesis mod, with a 1.0ohm coil on my Fatty and have been getting a VERY steady 3.8v throughout the life of the battery.  Literally up until the very last toot before the kick does it’s famous hey-your-battery-is-too-low-sputter, I was getting the full 3.8v.  

Same size as the original Kick so it’s really plug and play.  Can’t get a DNA20 mod anywhere just yet?  Maybe pick up a Kick2 in the meantime and be amazed at what this little thing can do.  

Obviously I will report back in due time via Youtube of how I get on with the kick in “real world” vape settings. has a list on their site of vendors they supply to.  So keep an eye open if you’re interested in the Kick2
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