I should have mentioned this in my Octopus RBA video, but SmokTech also makes a smaller version of the Octo called the SQUID

It’s clearly smaller ( size comparison with the Octo and the iGo-l above ) and doesn’t use the same wonky bottom-airflow system that the octo uses.  It has a pre drilled hole in the side which I didn’t even need to drill out further.  I don’t know for sure but I believe it to be around 1.5mm. 

It’s has the same style posts and deck as the Octo, just smaller.  The o-rings on mine were loose as well.  Much like the Octo the top cap slides off VERY easily.  There is also no well or anything to collect juice if you overdrip ( don’t worry… we all do it ) so the juice has the tendency to leak right past those bottom o-rings and down on to your mod.  At least in my experience. 

VaporTekUsa is selling them for about 6$ which is well worth the price IMO ,  it’s low maintenance.  And with some slightly thicker o-rings on the bottom you could have a more secure cap, as well as much less leaking issues. 

Keep on Vaping everyone!


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