About GrimmGreen

My Name is Nick, and I curently live in beautiful northern Nevada with my wife and dedicated vaper Amber, we met through the vape community and could not be a happier couple. 

I have played in many bands, covering various genres of music, though at my core i’ll always be a METAL guy.  I love getting tattooed and I love travelling and seeing this diverse country of ours.  I’m a bit of a science geek, and a long time skeptic. As well as a pretty avid craft beer drinker. 

I started smoking around the 7th grade, It was a typical peer pressure situation.  And although I had my fair share of cigarettes over the next 10 years I never really considered myself a smoker util I was in my 20’s.  Being in a rock band and smoking seem to go hand in hand right?  I paused briefly for a job in 2005, but the call of the cigarette was too strong.  After planning a trip to Las Vegas in 2008 I knew that being in the casino, sitting at the blackjack table, having cocktails would be the perfect environment for me to start smoking again. 

Not really wanting this to happen I literally googled “Fake cigarette” and somehow found some videos by Leaford.  This Smoke51 video is THE video I consider the video that got me interested in vaping

Of course I bought a Smoke51 off of eBay for WAY to much money, and it didn’t really work the way I had hoped. But it was enough to get me fascinated with ecigs.  I had no guidance so I assumed that a cartomizer would last me for ever.  Clearly this was not the case.  A few weeks later I got some juice, and a DSE901 kit.  In February of 2009 is when I shot my first video.  With no real idea what I was doing, I was just so excited that I wanted to share this experience with everyone around me.  I watched Scott’s (Igetcha 69)s videos religiously and fully credit him for keeping me excited about vaping when I was feeling lost.  

Everything I bought I put on video.  It was really all down hill from there.  Buying vape gear, getting into the community,  this was back when ECF was only a few thousand people.  Everyone knew everyone. 

I was lucky enough with the help of Vaporcast to attend the very first big vape meet ( Vapefest2010 ) in March of 2010.  

I love vaping, I love being deeply involved in the community and I love helping where I can.  My wife Amber and I run a small e-liquid company called Namberjuice.com.  The name namberjuice stems from a twitter conversation with some friends regarding vaping couples names.  Amber and myself ended up as NAMBER.  We make what we like to vape.  Noting too fancy, but always interesting and always tasty. 

If you have any questions you can always email me Nick@grimmgreen.com 

Vape well and vape often my friends