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VLOG + Serious talk about the FDA 

Hello hello friends! Welcome to another show, Got a pretty jam packed ( no pun intended ) program for you today. Firstly please please watch the embedded video above.  People don’t realize how serious this is for vaping,  and from the comments i’m reading on the video,  people wont even take the time to educate themselves.  It’s breaking my heart.  

Additionally in the VLOG i’ve Got TWO reviews in this show, First is the R.A.T.Tank from SurricVapes, and after that is the KEG Cap from VaporCraze. Obviously we will have some beer and music talk at the top of the program.

We also talk a bit about the insanity that is happening in western Australia and how you can help. Time stamps for the different segments are below, as always please allow youtube to process the video before the HD Option is avaliable. This program is also avaliable on SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. Tuck in, Grab your best vape and enjoy the show.

Austrailian man prosecution is at 01:40

Beer talk is at 06:39

Jam Attack / Autumn story is at 08:23

R.A.T. Tank reivew is at 30:10

Keg Cap Review is at 40:31

Crucial links below

The Beer


Flo - Naera


Xanger - Warforged


Jarrett - Skies of Iris


Facebook Group - CraftBeer / Vapor Clouds


Australian vape criminal

https://soundcloud.com/vp-live/criminally-prosecuted-for http://www.gofundme.com/Ecigs-Our-Right-to-Choose

R.A.T Tank

http://www.surricvapes.com/index.html http://www.vapeindustry.com/inc/sdetail/619

Keg Cap


Five Hundy by Midnight podcast


Thanks so much for watching everyone!


FDA Proposes First E-Cigarette Rules - NBC News

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration proposed asserting its authority over new tobacco products on Thursday, including e-cigarettes, flavored cigars and nicotine gels. It’s a basic first step, extending the FDA’s regulatory power, but the rule would immediately make e-cigarettes off-limits to kids under 18 and would require makers to tell the agency what’s in their products. “They would have to report to us the constituents of their products and also how they are making them,” said FDA commissioner Dr. Margaret Hamburg. But the agency does not propose, for now, limiting Internet sales or television advertising. Congress gave FDA the authority to regulate tobacco products in 2009, but the law didn’t include e-cigarettes and certain other products. The legislation also does not allow FDA to ban tobacco products outright, but it can limit sales and marketing and require warning labels. Click the link above or below to read the full article on NBCNews.com.  These are the first officially official FDA regulations regarding vaping and ecigs.  They are really hanging in there with the “we don’t know how safe they are”  I think were all sick of hearing that song.  From the looks of it.  The FDA can’t ban them outright, but can limit sales / marketing and require warning labels.  Pretty sure I just predicted this in one of my latest VLOG videos.  All the cool and fancy labels.  Those WILL be going away.  Honestly as long as we can continue to vape.  I don’t care about fancy labels.  Flavors such as strawberry and “thin mint” make it clear the products are being aimed at children, teens and young adults, Hamburg said. Same old lame duck arguments. This is official people.  The FDA is beginning to flex their regulatory power over ecigs for as they say  “We don’t know as much about the safety and risks of e-cigarettes and that is why we want to be able to regulate them,” Hamburg told NBC News. -Grimm ::EDIT::  A word from Mr Greg Conely Via REDDIT  Two years after these regulations go into effect, any e-cigarette product then on the market containing nicotine or any e-cigarette product marketed to be used with nicotine will be BANNED if the manufacturer does not submit a costly application to the FDA. New products will not be permitted to enter the market without FDA approval. FDA is woefully and inadequately prepared to handle this. This is NOT good news and vendors and vapers should vehemently OPPOSE these regulations, as they will work to the benefit of large tobacco and e-cigarette companies with Wall Street investors that don’t make the products used by 98% of this subreddit’s users, while potentially shutting down hundreds or thousands of small and medium-sized businesses thanks to an extremely expensive, resource-heavy, and arbitrary system setup by the Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act. This is actually worse than I expected. Two years after the regulation is written, e-cigarette companies will have to put in ‘new tobacco product’ applications for any product released to the market after February 25, 2007.*** This is not mere registration. This is a lengthy and expensive process. If you don’t file an application, your product is banned. If you file an application and the FDA finds that your product shouldn’t be on the market for one of a variety of reasons (including their favorite, ‘You failed to submit adequate evidence of x, y, and z.’), it can be pulled from the market. After that 2 year date, any new e-cigarette product must be approved by the FDA before it goes to market. If the FDA does not approve your product, it cannot be brought to market. This is not a fast process, as evidenced by a Government Accountability Office report that was highly critical of huge delays that were and still are happening at the FDA Center for Tobacco Products. http://www.gao.gov/assets/660/657451.pdf For just a sample of what a “new tobacco product” application is like, see here. This a document from when the FDA refused to even file (let alone approve) four “new tobacco product” applications :http://www.fda.gov/downloads/TobaccoProducts/Labeling/MarketingandAdvertising/UCM389515.pdf Also see this snippet from a Lancet article (behind a paywall) by Dr. Lawrence Deyton, the former Director of the Center for Tobacco Products, in which the burden that will be put on e-cigarette and e-liquid companies is outlined:http://pastebin.com/5nGxZYac This is bad news for e-cigarette consumers. The chance of a flavor ban or an online sales ban from the start was never really an option. This prospect was here all along and is not positive. *** There is also something called “substantial equivalence” which is a smaller, but still expensive, loop to jump through. However, FDA guidance on substantial equivalence, and their past decisions on other applications, indicate that it would be a fruitless effort to prove substantial equivalence for a 2016 e-cig product vs. a 2007 product. Vapers should not only oppose this deeming regulation, but also support vendors that stick up for their businesses and consumers. (Going to edit this post a bit with some links as the night goes on) ~ Gregory J. Conley, JD, MBA Twitter: @GregTHR Bio: http://heartland.org/greg-conley

Anxious for vape regulation

VIA: http://www.nbcnews.com/ and Subscriber Norm

I honestly can’t even read this article without being filled with rage.  Feel free to read the full article by clicking HERE or the graphic above. 

There are multiple quotes from heath experts, including Dr. Thomas Glynn, director for cancer science at the American Cancer Society. Who says “Some studies suggest they are about as effective as a nicotine patch. Other studies suggest they are not helpful at all”

What Dr Glynn is referring to in the above quote is whether or not e-cigs are successful for quitting smoking.  Well let me tell you Dr Glynn.  I saw about 3K people in Chicago recently that might argue whether they are effective or not. 

One thing that has been made undoubtedly clear to me in the recent weeks is that politicians and health officials have a huge problem of vice without consequence.  They seem to hate the fact that nicotine addicts can continue to enjoy their nicotine habit,  control their own nicotine intake, and do it all in a reduced harm setting.  

They really would rather have us all smoking cigarettes again.  These are un-deniable facts.  Made very clear by their actions and words.  We as a society need to re-evaluate nicotine.  And maybe… just maybe.. a new generation of reduced harm nicotine addicts might not be such an awful thing. 


The Castle MECH MOD

Recently posted this picture on my Instagram, but I figured it was also worth a share here.  Pictured above is the new Castle Mech Mod, designed to compliment the already stellar Castle RDA

This came to me Via Marc from OlioVapes.com.  Here is the spec sheet from their website. 

Product Description


  • Modular
  • SS Outer and Brass Inner tube
  • 3 Tubes Included (18350, 18450, 18650 modes)

Top Cap

  • Brass
  • Threaded Insulator
  • Telepin Silver Plated Copper pins


  • Twist Lock
  • Reverse Thread
  • Brass Ring
  • SS Firing Swtch
  • Silver Plated Copper Pin
Seems pretty par for the course for a “high end” mech mod.  What they don’t talk about in the description is now insanely nice the fit and finish is on this mech.  I’ve had this in my possession for roughly 24 hours now, and it has literally not left my hand.  The throw of the button, The locking ring, The threads, the top cap adjustment.  All are very well done.  This “feels” like a high end mod.  VapeSmith is doing some very very nice work in the world of mech mods IMO.  With the Castle MOD only clocking in at $150, you are really getting a lot of very nice mod for your money. 

Obviously I will report back via VLOG video how it has held up in the real world of vaping.  Remember this picture of a shiny clean Castle MOD.  I have a feeling it’s going to be nice and scratched up soon.  Unfortunately… that’s my job. 


E-Cigarette Restrictions 'For The Children' Could Be Deadly For Adults

Last year I gave our oldest daughter an electronic cigarette kit for her 20th birthday. At that point Francine, who started smoking at 17, was going through two or three packs of Camels a day—which was pretty impressive, especially since she was not allowed to smoke inside the house. Today Francine has cut her cigarette habit down to zero. Instead she gets her nicotine from a refillable device that delivers the drug in a propylene glycol vapor, avoiding the tobacco combustion products that had threatened to degrade her health and shorten her life. Her favorite flavor: berry menthol. I thought of Francine while reading “Gateway to Addiction,” a new report that claims e-cigarette companies “market their products to youth” by offering flavors “that could appeal to children and teens.” The report, prepared by the offices of Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.) and 10 other Democratic legislators, also takes a dim view of e-cigarette advertising that might be seen by minors. Intent on portraying e-cigarettes as a menace to the youth of America, the report gives short shrift to the lifesaving potential of a product that mimics smoking without burning anything. Read the full article by Jacob Sullum by following the link below.  Lifesaving potential.  He is absolutely right.  LIFE SAVING potential. One question I would love to ask any politician or lobbyist is “why do you want me to smoke cigarettes?”  Read the full article on Forbes.com by following the link below.  Well done Jacob.  -Grimm

All VapeBash, Shout-Outs, Mods and Juices.  Illinois liquid BAN 

Hey Everyone! gonna to this VLOG a little bit different this week.  90% of it will be about the time I had a vapebash, and the few products that I picked up there :) I met so many amazing people, as well had the chance to reconnect with some old friends. Shout-outs and heartwarming stories galore #RubyCrew. 

There will be some  legislation talk at the end of the video regarding some awful legislation that they are trying to push though in Illinois

I honestly didn’t even get to talk about everything I wanted to in this video. But just know that if we had an exchange at VapeBash, you directly effected my enjoyment of the meet for the better. 

so tuck in, Grab your best vape and enjoy the video. As always please allow youtube to process the video before the HD option is available. 

SoundCloud link as well 


Top of the show are some random updates and beer talk.  

VapeBash talk starts at about 8:15

Quick timelapse shot of VapeBash is at round 15:00

Amber hangs out at roughly 20:00

New Namberjuice flavors are at 29:30

VapeBash Products including 

The RADIX v1 

The Joe Litt’s 3D Printed mod

The Just tha Tip drip tips 

the Viking DNA30 mod

The KayFun Dual Coil JIG

The Classified e-liquid 

all start at around 40:00

The Peter / Victoria story is at 56:00

Illinois Legislation is at 59:40

MtBaker Vapor GWAR juice is at 60:03

The Beer


Shoutouts to the best crew on earth! I love you all 










links below

Illinois Liquid Ban




JustThaTip driptips


Viking DNA30 mod


( there will be more on this later.  But i’m not sure sure I would support this shop.  I won’t be, but again… more on that later ) 

Thanks so much for watching!


Things are getting serious in Australia

Thank you to Jo-Anne for sending this my way.  The original forum post is here on the Aussie Vapers forum.  


I will copy / Paste it below for everyone to see

Additionally there is a crowdfunder here to help pay his ASTONISHING legal bills


Hi guys,

I’m new to the forum but felt compelled to post this terrible news.

I am one of the owners of an E-Cig company www.HeavenlyVapours.com. (The website is currently down as we are removing our payment gateway while we review our legal position)

The company was founded several years ago, we sold Ego-T and 510-T models at the time. After the business had been running for almost a year and was doing very well (rating on the first page of Google results etc) we suddenly got raided by the Health Department. They arrived at my house in 3 black SUV’s and proceeded to execute a search warrant. They searched through my house and proceeded to load all of the hardware I had into several black garbage bags. The search and seizure went on for about an hour and half before they decided they had found and taken enough. They also took photos etc. The whole process was pretty invasive and surreal. They alleged at the time that I and my company had breached section 106a of the Tobacco Products Control Act 2006.

See link below for description of 106a

Applicable penalty description below

Once they had gone I contacted a lawyer and was advised to not make any comments to the health department as was my legal right.

The whole process wound on for literally 2 years before actually going to court. During this time there was incredible uncertainty regarding whether we could continue to trade. In the event it was found we had indeed breached section 106a then continuing to trade could compound the penalty we would face (first offense $10,000 subsequent offences $20,000).

During this time an array of competing companies sprung up selling the exact same products and a range of others through various mediums - websites, retail stalls at markets, shopping centres etc and none of these companies to my knowledge were ever raided or had their products seized. It was hard to understand, here we were a small business trying to do something good for the community. Trying to help people move away from an expensive health destroying habit and the “Health” Department decides to single us out. We had poured all of our savings into the business, at the time of the raid we had just purchased around $5000 of stock paid for not with profits but our own money. All of this was lost. In the ensuing period of time we had to find another $20,000 to pay for lawyers to represent us and form a defence.
On September 11 2013 almost 2 years later we finally had our day in court. The Learned Magistrate J Hawkins reserved her decision to review and weigh the merits of the presented arguments for the defence and prosecution. 
On the 22 October 2013 the written verdict was presented. The summary of which was that HeavenlyVapours was acquitted of the charges.
A couple of days later the following ridiculous and entirely biased article was published.

At this point we breathed a sigh of relief and re-created our website and began to operate again believing the matter to be at a close.
We were mistaken, the Health Department or more particularly Bruce Hawkings of the health department a few weeks later lodged an appeal to the Supreme Court. We again got in touch with our current lawyer (Michael Perrella of Perrella Legal) and asked that he represent us in the court of appeals. We now had to pay another $9,000 in legal costs for this representation.
We appeared in the Supreme Court and we and the prosecution made our various arguments. The Judge J Pritchard adjourned the matter for deliberation. Yesterday on the 10 of April 2014 we were summoned to receive the judgement. 
Judge Prichard found in favour of the Health Department and in her decision expanded her conclusion to determine that in effect any product E-Cig or otherwise that involves a hand to mouth action and results in the expulsion of vapour does in fact resemble a tobacco product and there for falls under section 106a of the Tobacco Products Control Act of 2006.

What does this mean? Well in short it means any model of E-Cig irrespective of its design is now illegal by case law precedent to be sold from within WA. One can only imagine that the other states may now try to follow suit.
So what can we do?

TL;DR - The WA Health Department has successfully made a conviction of an E-Cig supplier in WA for selling hardware against existing legislation. This will set a precedent for all other suppliers in the state making the sale of all E-Cigs illegal. 

Kevin also had Vince from HevenlyVapours on his show Sunday to talk about this situation.  This IS happening.  this isn’t an Australia problem.  This is a vaper problem. 



E-Cig Tax Debate In Jersey Is Inspiring Actual Critical Thinking About E-Cigs | Ecig Advanced News

VIA: Ecigadvanced.com ( contains affiliate links )  It seems like we’re going to catch a lot of people with this price point that will either go elsewhere to buy or will not buy it and continue to smoke a cigarette, which appears to be more harmful.  Read the whole article by clicking the links above or below.  But that quote right there speaks VOLUMES in a positive way.  This is exactly how more politicians and law makers need to be thinking.   Thanks to ecigadvanced for posting this article. 

A rough guide to spotting bad science

I found this via R/Skeptic on Reddit.  I feel like this applies pretty well to some of the sensationalist “science” coming out these days from the mass media regarding vaping.  Additionally I think it’s important for us as vapers to keep an open mind about things.  It’s easy for us to look at a report, or a study that is damming of ecigs and say “oh that’s a bunch of BS” 

Remember to remain skeptical of sensationalist studies.  But also remember that if a study is following all of the scientific rules.  There is a good chance that it’s true, and even if it’s not positive for vaping or e-cigs.  We need to accept that. 

Pay extra special attention to #5 down below 



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