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City Council passes e-cigarette ordinance - SAN DIEGO

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) - E-Cigarettes come in flavors like bubble gum and strawberry cheesecake, but health officials worry because E-Cigarettes contain nicotine and they are potentially addictive, especially for young people.  According to the CDC, the percentage of middle and high school students in this country who used electronic doubled from 2011 to 2012. City Council members hope today’s unanimous vote will make it harder for these kids to graduate to regular cigarettes. Joe Boardman went from smoking a pack a cigarettes a day before making the switch to e-cigarettes or vaping. "My breathing was terrible for breathing tests. Since I quit cigarettes, it’s has gotten better, better, and better," he said. Where Boardman can vape will soon change. The city council unanimously approved an ordinance that regulates the use and sale of e-Cigarettes. Only those over the age of 18 can buy and vape. Users can only do it where cigarette smoking is allowed. That means no parks, no beaches, and no movie theaters. The new measure was crafted by fifth District Councilman Mark Kersey in order to protect kids. "We spent so many years convincing kids that smoking is bad, and now we have a product that’s basically telling them it’s ok, that nicotine’s fine," said Kersey. There is small amount of nicotine and other additives, including flavorings in the e-liquid, but what comes out in the second hand smoke? It is unclear because the devices are not regulated, and the level of nicotine and toxins vary in what vapors call ‘juice”. Employees at the PB Vape Shoppe and Lounge say they do not sell to anyone under 18 years of age, and they do not think the new regulations will hurt business. PB Vape Shoppe and Lounge and businesses like them will have to have permit. "If they are just a vape shop they will have to have a permit very similar to a tobacco license, and gives us knowledge of who is selling what," said Kersey. Other smoke shop owners told KUSI News they will need three permits to be able to sell tobacco. A permit from the state, one from the city, and one from the police department. The cost? About $400. The new ordinance is now on the mayor’s desk, and according to a rep, he is expected to sign it into law in the next few days. Graduate to regular cigarettes?! seriously? I feel like i’m taking crazy pills here! Can’t we just let parents protect their own kids? Really the worst part of this article isn’t even the legislation. Sure lets make sure that only people over 18 can buy them. Great. I HATE that this article portrays vapers as some sort of junkie, scum, shady subculture.  The vapers that I talk to and interact with are lawyers, veterans, cops, soldiers, mothers, grand mothers, law abiding citizens whom are being portrayed as the bottom rung of society.  Watch the video after the link  -Grimm



The SoCal-Based One-Stop Vape Shop and Distribution

Company is Changing the Lives For Thousands of

Ex-Smokers Worldwide

LOS ANGELES - Like the thousands of customers who flock to VapeRev (www.vaperev.com), the Southern California based one-stop vape shop he launched with his wife Amber Lee in 2012, Charn Premyodhin had tried unsuccessfully for years to quit smoking.


“It wasn’t until a friend introduced me to his first generation eGo battery that I actually saw the potential to quit as a result of using e-cigarettes,” says Charn, a veteran chef who was runningCJ’s Paella, a successful catering company specializing in Spanish cuisine, at the time. “My first experience was mind blowing, and because it was so easy to enjoy, I knew I could quit! I had a lot of friends and family who smoked too, so I started showing them what I was using and one by one, those smokers became vapers. Deciding to start a business was a no brainer at that point. I wanted to help change the world, and I’m grateful that VapeRev has allowed me to do that since 2012.”


Started in the small garage of their Cerritos home before moving into its current and thriving retail location, VapeRev has become a world-class one-stop vape shop and distribution company that is revolutionizing the worldwide vape community. In just two years time, VapeRev has grown to a current team of associates that includes nearly 70 employees.


VapeRev’s initial store location is as much a relaxing and comfortable social environment to “hang” and enjoy both old and new friends alike, as a destination for vapers of all ages (literally, from 18-90!) to learn about, sample, and purchase the very best e-juice flavors and “mods”, the beautifully crafted vape devices whose stainless steel and brass exterior house battery used to power an atomizer heating element which produces the water vapor to be inhaled through a “drip tip” mouthpiece.


The reason for the growth of the industry is obvious. With vaping, there’s no flame, no burning, and therefore zero combustion takes place. This practice provides one component of smoking, nicotine, without having to combust 600 ingredients into over 4,000 chemicals, with over 50 of them known to be cancer causing. In addition, there’s no bad taste, no awful smell, no yellow teeth, no ash, and no cigarette butt litter. As a more positive oral fixation, it’s more socially acceptable these days than regular cigarettes – not to mention the “cool factor.”


Though users are focused more on the taste of everything from straightforward fruit flavors like watermelon and strawberry to slightly sweetened tobacco flavors and more exotic blends, the flavor itself constitutes anywhere from 3 percent – 25 percent of the mix. The base ingredients are  Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).  Many juices use 50 percent PG and 50 percent VG, but some are known to have higher amounts of VG according to the preference of the creator.


E-juice also contains various “strength” levels of nicotine, generally ranging from zero milligrams (for those who want to avoid it altogether) to 24mg, in increments of 3mg or 6mg.  Most commonly you’ll find 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg available to the public. If someone is trying to keep from smoking, it’s suggested that they begin with a level that can properly replace the cigarette and nicotine consumption they are currently used to, then work their way down. E-juice strengths such as 3mg and 9mg have also become more popular due to the number of vapers using this technique.


Explaining the origins of VapeRev, Charn says, “Since opening as a retail store in 2012, we’ve had the pleasure of introducing the vape community to a new level of elegance and sophistication by offering consumers a large variety of quality products in an atmosphere unlike any other. Shortly after the shop opened, we began developing our website and our web-store. Our website features informative educational videos, interviews with several of the manufacturers we represent, and hardware breakdowns describing the features and specifications each of our products have. The success of our retail guests and our online visitors is very important to us, so we strive to provide all the information they need to have a stress-free transition from smoking to vaping!”


Charn, who smoked cigarettes for 20 years before vaping changed his life, says, “I get more satisfaction out of vaping, and there is also the relaxation factor. Plus it tastes so much better and I don’t smell like tobacco. My wife likes that!”

For more information, visit www.vaperev.com.


Another view: The PROS of Electronic cigarettes

 By Bill Godshall for http://www.physiciansnews.com/

The growing mountain of scientific and empirical evidence consistently indicates that electronic cigarettes (e-cigs):
- are 99% (+/-1%) less hazardous than cigarettes,
- are consumed almost exclusively (i.e. >99%) by smokers and exsmokers who quit by switching to e-cigs,
- have helped several million smokers quit and/or sharply reduce cigarette consumption,
- have replaced about 1 Billion packs of cigarettes in the US in the past five years,
- are more effective than FDA approved nicotine gums, lozenges, patches and inhalers for smoking cessation and reducing cigarette consumption,
- pose fewer risks than FDA approved Verenicline (Chantix),
- pose no risks to nonusers,
- have further denormalized cigarette smoking,
- have never been found to create nicotine dependence in any nonsmoker, and
- have never been found to precede cigarette smoking in any daily smoker.

In April 2009, Obama’s FDA revealed its unscientific, unethical and inhumane policy to deceive Americans about e-cigs and defend the FDA’s e-cig ban and nearly 1,000 product seizures by US Customs agents: “We don’t want the public to perceive them as a safer alternative to cigarettes.”

In July 2009, Obama appointee (and former Waxman staffer) FDA Deputy Commissioner Josh Sharfstein held a press conference (defending the agency’s unlawful and unwarranted e-cig ban from lawsuits by two companies whose products were seized) where FDA’s e-cig lab findings were misrepresented to scare the public to believe e-cigs are carcinogenic and toxic, where e-cig companies were falsely accused of target marketing to youth, and where it was alleged (without any evidence) that e-cigs are addicting children, can be gateways to cigarettes, can renormalize smoking, and don’t help smokers quit.

Thankfully for the rule of law, public health, civil liberties, market competition and common sense, all 12 federal appeals court judges upheld Judge Richard Leon’s Janaury 15, 2010 ruling striking down FDA’s e-cig ban as unlawful.

But instead of correcting or clarifying (or apologizing for) their many false and misleading fear mongering claims about e-cigs (in a failed attempt to win a lawsuit), FDA officials (and other DHHS officials) have further misrepresented the scientific and empirical evidence on e-cigs to lobby for their recently proposed Deeming Regulation, which will protect cigarette markets by banning >99.9% of all e-cigs, and will give the e-cig industry to the Big Tobacco companies.

Instead of protecting cigarettes (under the deceitful guise of protecting children), public health officials have an ethical duty to truthfully inform smokers and vapers that e-cigs are far less hazardous alternatives to cigarettes, and to keep them legal and affordable.

All real public health advocates support smokers switching to e-cigs, and keeping e-cigs legal.

Bill Godshall is Executive Director of Smokefree Pennsylvania 


Very true in the Vape gurus minds! Dont let society tell you its like smoking, stand up for vaping and vape on!!

RE-BLOG from Lets-Vape-Things.  Great quote from Dr Michael Siegel.  I almost feel like it’s not their fault sometimes.  It’s how we are as a society, were conditioned for so many years to associate smoke with bad things.  Things like this are ingrained in our brains from a very young age.  

Hopefully we will have the time and ability to change this perception.  Do what you can to educate, one person at a time. 


Can we please stop being so over-dramatic about ecigs? 

By: Hilary Wardle for The Huffington Post

                            A huge number of column inches have been devoted to the topic of e cigarettes since they rose to prominence in the last few years. We’ve had everything from panicky blog posts that insist vaping is the most dangerous thing in the world, to long broadsheet articles insisting that the nicotine delivery devices are good for your mental health.

Far more posts contain very little in the way of information at all, and instead read like a bulletin from the 1950s about the dangers of rock and roll (“it’s new, so let’s panic and assume it will corrupt our young people and destroy humanity!”)

It’s all very silly, but how do we sieve through all of this panic and opinion to uncover the true facts? Take the widespread idea that e-cigarettes will encourage teenagers to take up smoking. This was actually disproven in a recent study by ASH which highlighted that e-cigarettes are not a gateway product. In fact, it seems the vast majority of electronic cigarette users are people who previously smoked tobacco and turned to vaping in an attempt to quit.

Anther recent study published in the May 2014 edition of the medical journal Addiction found that people who wanted to quit smoking were about 60 percent more likely to succeed if they used e-cigarettes compared to would-be quitters who tried an anti-smoking nicotine patch or gum. This survey by an e-cigarette company (Intellicig) also found that 68% of their users have stopped smoking traditional cigarettes since switching to vaping, and out of those 68%, 97% had tried - and failed- to stop smoking before using other methods. One of these people is my uncle, who managed to finally put a stop to a 25 year long tobacco habit by switching to e-cigarettes. Are they perfect? Probably not, but I’m certainly happy that he’s no longer smoking a pack a day.

Read the whole article by following this link here


Share this site everywhere

So you may or may not have seen this site,  Which was created and funded by the Orange County department of education and is literally just packed with misinformation regarding e-cigs and vaping

Well a guy named Ian as well as the vaping community on Reddit,  put together a sort of rebuttal site called notsoeducated.org.  It has that same nice, clean, approachable look to it. The big difference is that notsoeducated.org is filled with GOOD information regarding vaping and safety.  

Best of all, they cite all their sources and link directly to the studies that they reference. 

Please, share this site.  Send it to those skeptical friends and family members that think were all smoking formaldehyde

One more time.  NOTSOEDUCATED.ORG 

Well done Ian… well done 


Double Feature 8-18-14

Hey everyone! welcome to the double feature for Wednesday August 20th 2014. As I said in my VLOG last week i’m currently out of town. Meaning my replies to comments will be few and far between. No matter, Got some vape gear to talk about this week including the TRES EVO mech mod from VapeNaked and the asMODus 30mm ( 26650 size ) RDA from Ultravaping.com

So tuck in, grab your best vape and enjoy the videos.

The TresEvo Mech mod

I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment.

Now then, Apart from the slight penny smell I get from this mod. I actually really like using it. The “tiger stripe” from my first impression is gone, and the mod itself is aging REALLY well. It’s Staying nice and shiny, and turning a nice light copper color. The mod hits well, has a nice short throw on the switch, and a somewhat fiddly, but not overly fiddly floating positive post.

It also has a locking ring which I rarely use, due to the fact that the button itself sits nice and flush with the bottom of the mod Vape budge hands time, the TresEvo clocks in at $179. It does include a carry pouch and 3 tube sizes for different sized batteries.

Feel free to check it out here


The AsModUs atomizer

I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment.

Now then. I do relize my build is not the perfect example of a paralell coil build, but it kind of gives you an idea of how it works if you have a 26650 size device, and you want a wicked high quality 26650 sized atomizer that is easy to build on and has nice airflow. then the AsModUs atomizer might be exactly what you’re looking for.

The middle sleeve secion secures to the base via a tiny tiny screw. Which makes the whole atomizer feel much more secure. The top pops off for super easy dripping and the whole things feels very nice It’s a helios 4 post hole design. The holes in the posts are VERY large. So something like a 29g kanthal dual coil would probably not work the best. Twisted 28g, or a nice paralel coils seem to work much better with those LARGE post holes.

The airflow is nice, but the flavor is slightly less intense than i’m used to with other smaller RDAs. Just due to that LARGE chaber on the inside. Performance is great, and quality is tip top Vape budget hands time, the AsModUs atomizer clocks in at $120. That’s a lot of scrilla for an atomizer. but you’re also getting a LOT of atomizer with the Asmodus. In the end the decision is yours to make

Feel free to check it out below


Thank you so much for watching everyone!!! have a great week

Jesse Kline: 'Second-hand vapour' is no threat

Great article found via R/ECR  Read the whole article by clicking the link below, here is my favorite bit.  A review of the available literature conducted last year by a researcher at the Drexel University School of Public Health in Philadelphia concluded that “exposures of bystanders … pose no apparent concern.” Another study, published last year in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research, looked specifically at the effects of second-hand e-cigarette vapour and found that it “may involuntarily expose nonusers to nicotine” — although that exposure is 10 times less than from tobacco smoke — but “not to toxic tobacco-specific combustion products.” Moreover, there is a large body of evidence suggesting that e-cigarettes are relatively harmless to the people who use them, making claims about the dangers of second-hand exposure even more spurious — especially in well-ventilated outdoor spaces where people can easily move away from someone using the product.

Double Feature 8-11-14

Hello hello friends! Monday double feature? yeah sure! today is Monday August 11th 2014 and as always we have some interesting things to talk about including a genesis hybrid mod!! oh no!!

as you know i’m not a huge fan of the genesis hybrid mods. What did I think of this one? additionally we have the ballistic mech mod from emit vapor. Now I LOVED the shotgun i’m not sure the ballistic scores quite as high for me.

Tuck in, grab your best vape and enjoy the videos.

The Ballistic mech mod

I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment.

Now then, While the Ballistic mod doesn’t score as many points for me as the awesome SHOTGUN mech mod. It still has some nice features, and still has that very nice Emit Vapor style and feel to it. This feels like a high quality mod, with only a few drawbacks IMO. The sharp edges on the telescoping portion are sharp. Not cut you open and drain your blood sharp, but sharp enough to mention it in this video.

Additionally the top cap / 510 connection is just a touch smaller than 22mm. Meaning that every 22mm RDA in existence, will look slightly wonky on it. Probably not a deal breaker, but it’s something I notice every time, and it honestly keeps me from using this mod in favor of the Shotgun. Emit vapor makes high quality devices, which also carry a pretty nice pricetag.

Get out your vape budget hands because the Ballistic caries a sticker price of $195, which is pricey, but in the relm of high end mech mods like this, doesn’t seem super outrageous to me. In the end the decision is yours, and yours alone to make. Thanks so much for watching everyone!!

Feel free to check the Ballistic here



The HOLE Hybrid mod

I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment.

Now then, The HOLE hybrid has been a shockingly good vape for me. I know right? believe me i’m suprised as well. I think it’s due to the fack that I can kind of build this like a Kayfun, and it kind of vapes like a kayfun. Now in the build I currently have, i’m only utilizing 2 of the 4 wick holes. Which makes for a somewhat leaky vape if turned on it’s side for any amount of time.

I have a feeling that if you used all 4 wick holes, with either cotton or SS Mesh it would not be nearly as leaky. I don’t know what else to say, Solid build, nice deck, EASY to remove tank. Adjust able airflow, springy switch and easy lock feature. Vape budget hands will be in full effect here as the HOLE hybrid is in the $250 range. Which is just a HOLE lot to ask for a single mod IMO (see what I did there?) 

Feel free to check out the HOLE here ( Supercigs.eu has communicated to me that they will be back open in a few weeks, they are currently on Holiday ) 



Thank you so much for watching everyone!!


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