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The Russian 2.0 by UCT

      Now I never owned an original russian.  I’ve heard both good and bad things about them.  I know first hand my good buddy Mark had two of the original russians and they leaked like nothing ive ever seen. 

Russian 2.0 honestly looks pretty cool.  I’m saving my vape budget hands personally for the possible release of the KayFun V2. 


Double feature 9-29-14 

Alright everyone! right out of the gate I must apologize for the awful, shit, awful, shitty audio quality in the up-close segments. I’m assuming this wont be the last time that I forget to check my microphone. No matter. Got some interesting products to discuss today including a clone? or is it a counterfit? either way it’s the 26650 KING Mod. After that we have the insanely dissapoainting Innokin VF RDA. So wonky.. so strange, not awful just … strange

So tuck in, grab your best vape and enjoy the videos! Please allow youtube to process the videos before the HD option is available 

The 26650 KING Mech mod… clone?

I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment.

Now then, Overall this isn’t a terrible mech mod. I keep going back to this but for the price?! it’s kind of fantastic. $30 will get this into your hand obviously you will need some decent 26650 batteries as well.

It feels cheap, because it is cheap. This certainly doesn’t have the polish, or fit and finish of something like the HADES or the AMBASSADOR. but it works, and it works well. The switch is actually quite nice to use.

Feel free to check it out here http://www.hawkvape.com/26650_black_king_v2_mechanical_mod

The unfortunate Innokin VF RDA

( atomizer ) I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment.

Now then. Oh innokin… First the Mech mod, now this atomizer. Certainly not very impressed overall. Why does one of the airflow slots point directly at a negative post? why? I can’t imagine it’s for some sort of innovative vortex cooling airflow?

To me it just looks like a bad design. The build I had on this was honestly not too bad. After I was able to fiddle one of the negative posts into a more straight allignment. Feel free to check out this RDA here, or use your google-fu for a better deal


Thank you so much everyone for watching!


Big tobacco has officially lost it’s grip on the e-cig market

VIA: http://motherboard.vice.com/

For all the talk of big tobacco’s e-cigarettes tasting like crap and not representing what consumers want, cigalikes have still made up the majority of the American electronic cigarette market. Until now. 

Refillable mods and nic-juice sales have officially overtaken cigalike sales, according to a new analysis by Wells Fargo Securities shared with me by VMR Products, a company that makes vape accessories and V2 e-cigarettes.

In its new Tobacco “equity research” report, Wells Fargo analysts note that market growth of big tobacco-owned brands of e-cigarettes has drastically declined year-over-year (the report is available to people who have investing relationships with Wells Fargo but was emailed to me), and that the vaping market is booming.

Though it’s difficult to get firm numbers for vaping sales by small companies, Wells Fargo believes that people who use electronic cigarettes aren’t quitting altogether, they’re moving to refillable mods sold by small companies.

"We believe the sales decline is more reflexive of volume moving to vapors-tanks-mods, which tend to be sold in non-tracked channels (especially vape shops)," the firm wrote.Big Tobacco Has Officially Lost Its Hold on the E-Cigarette Market

Red the full article HERE


Public Vaping: By Zierra PVReview

It’s 1:30am and the horn sounds to signal our ten minute break. Half of us scramble to our lunch boxes while the other half rushes the door to the smoking section. All around me smokers are lighting up their little sticks of tobacco and blowing tiny wisps of grey smoke into the air. And then there’s me, alone with my mech. I bust out my handy-dandy mod and proceed to envelop the overhanging space with a glorious cloud of Fruit Loop scented vapor (I love doing that), and heads start to turn. Smoking in public has become a taboo. The risks associated with second hand smoke make it clear why. But what about vaping in public? For us vapers, vaping with the rest of society can be a bit awkward. There’s a lot of misinformation out there regarding the health risks of e-cigarettes and this tends to lead to a lot of looks from concerned mothers as they shield their children from our imminent clouds of death. However, those looks aren’t entirely a bad thing. It’s the modern age, and although we have a comparable and safer alternative for traditional cigarettes, a lot of smokers still don’t believe it. But they’re curious. And it’s that curiosity that will bring them over to vaping. It worked for us, so why not them? Those stares you get across the way from smokers isn’t them “mad-dogging” you. It’s their curiosity. They see that you, possibly an ex-smoker, have quit. You’re enjoying all the things we loved about smoking, but you’re doing it in a safer way. And they want to know how. They are dying to find out. I’m not going to tell you to carry around a few extra drip tips for those curious smokers (like yours truly), but we have a responsibility to inform them about our successful alternative to our once-nasty habit. Not only for their sake, but also for those who still question the validity of our new hobby (like that concerned mother from earlier).  “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” ― H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature The opposite side of the curiosity coin is fear. Those who are not interested in vapes are usually those who are unaware of the benefits it provides us. They are either misinformed or not informed at all. And both of those are bad. Really bad. Although there isn’t much we can do to educated the ill-informed other than by promoting credible sources of information, we can however influence those who aren’t informed at all! I’m not saying that you need to go out and shove your eliquid down someones throat (don’t waste your jucie), but letting someone know that you’re well versed on the subject will definitely lighten their view. Hell, you might even make a new vape buddy. We can shout that second hand vapor doesn’t exist until we’re blue in the face. But until scientific research proves otherwise, the mass populous will always think that vaping is just as bad as smoking. Until we have hard evidence, we are stuck with those awkward looks from the rest of the world while we take our mechs and mods to the street. We will still get those concerned mothers and nonbelievers to drag us down, but to be quite honest with you, I have better ways to use my breath. Like on the end of my vaporizer. Happy Vaping, Zierra ___________________ Zierra is the owner of http://personalvaporizerreview.com/ a vaping centric blog with news information and reviews

Double Feature for Monday September 22nd 2014

Hello everyone! welcome to the double feature for Monday September 22nd 2014. As usual we have some very cool stuff to talk about today including using a regulated mod, in this case the IPV V2, to blow some safer clouds. We also cover the Infaniate CLT atomizer, the move on to INNOKIN’s first mech mod the iTaste 134 MX-Z… is it any good? Tuck in, grab your best vapes and enjoy the videos. As always, please allow YOU TUBE to process the videos before the HD option is available

Blowing safer clouds with the IPV V2 and Infinate CLT atomizer

I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment.

Now then, there are ways to blow much much safer clouds than building into the fraction of ohms and pushing your batteries to the limit. This new wave of regulated, high wattage box mods are just that solution. I don’t believe they are going to kill the mech mod. I love sub ohms and mechs myself, they are smaller and fantastic to use. Plus they look just DEAD sexy…well.. sometimes.

But no matter. High ohms, high volts, lower wattage and MUCH lower amps make for an overall VERY satisfying sub-ohm-like experience in my book. The IPV V2 is a great example of a nice affordable, yet POWERFUL, regulated box mod. It’s got a slim profile, nice clicky buttons, and plenty of power under the hood. Mine did not come with a battery, but something like the SONY VTC4 will work in here, and work well! Like I said in the video. The CLT atomizer is highly decent. It feels a little cheap overall. Weak-ish orings, rought edges. But it does get the job done and for $27 for a non clone RDA with huge airflow holes and a nice deck. it’s well worth the price.

Additionally my favorite things of this year, the ChuffTop Cap fit and work very well on the CLT atomizer. I can only assume that when the CLT V2 comes out soon, that the CLT will drop even further in price. Feel free to check em out using the links below and remember.

Vape safe

http://districtf5ve.com/?page_id=8142 http://store.cavapes.com/default.asp

The INNOKIN iTast 134 MX-Z

I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment.

Now then. I dig innokin products, I really do. The MVP V2 the iTaste VV V3, heck even the giant iTaste 134 was fun to use. Unfortunately this Mech Mod kinda misses the mark a little bit. The button is great, it’s concave and feels wonderful to use. The locking bit is a bit gimmiky, but it gets the job done. This is one of the first mech mods i’ve noticed that truly feels “weak” Literally every other mod I have, including some clones, feel like they hit harder than the 134 MX-Z.

If you dig the style, if you’re loyal to INNOKIN then this might be exactly what you’re looking for. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not horrible. But there are certainly better options out there IMO Feel free to check it out using the link below!


Thank you so much for watching everyone!!

An error by the city of Murray may close one business's doors next month - Good4Utah.com

MURRAY, UTAH (ABC 4 UTAH) - It is a business that is just trying to stay open and an error by the City of Murray may force it to close down its doors at the end of October.  iVape opens every morning at 10 a.m. with customers ready to go in. “People are loving it. I have 200 customers a day that come in here because of iVape, because of ecigarettes they no longer smoke real cigarettes,” says owner Grant Hiller. Murray City does not love it. The city received a complaint from a competing tobacco business.  That complaint is over 600 feet. It is something that was over looked before iVape’s opened its doors in 2013. “It was just an error on our part and it is unfortunate that, that occurred. But once again they have some responsibility as well as part of that industry,” said Tingey. iVape says it’s not that simple.  “It clearly reads 600 feet and it doesn’t point out how it is to be measured. If you walk distance to distance as pedestrian it is over 740 ft. The statue only clears for 600, yet they are trying to force me to move,” says Hillar. Read the whole article by clicking the link below.  So basically this poor shop is being forced to move, or close because the CITY overlooked the 600foot rule? and “in error” gave them a business licence anyway?  Score one for Utah in the derp category 

VLOG 9-18-14

Hey everyone! welcome to the VLOG for 9/18/2014. So where the hell have I been?

well, i’ve been literally all over the place.  Vapemania14 in Winston Salem NC as well as ECC in Ontario CA. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. In this vlog were going to chit chat about a “few” of the devices and liquids that I picked up at the various vape meets.  There is a bit of rambling at the end as well as some beer talk and a very important message for a dear dear friend of ours NurseCin.  Follow the link below and donate whatever you can for her.  She is a sweetheart that has truly fallen on bad times. 

GoFundMe link for Nurse Cin


Tuck in, Grab your best vape and enjoy the program. 


Whoops! totally forgot to link to the Plumes Of Hazard.  Since it’s my fault, i’m going to put their link at the top here as an apology :) sorry fellas! 


Timestamps for everything is below

Top of the show is nonsense / announcements / Kruger trash talking 

Beer is at 02:38

Shoutouts are at 08:50

NurseCin / Jam Attack is at 11:54

(Very long) first impressions are at 19:24

Wrap up at the end 

One quick last ECC note at the end as well 

All crucial Links are below

The Vapor

Guitar Pedal Mod


Ramble ( Japan Mech Mod ) 


VREX 26650


SMW Box mod



The RIG - “Competition mod” 


Sigelei 100w


Sigelei 50w


TugBoat V2


RedHorse Mod


Ritual Machine - ZOMBI


Ragtime Vapor - HonkyTonk


Vigilante - Life of Pie


Classified liquid - Delight


Namberjuice - Pineapple Cake


The Beer

Trappist Westvleteren 12 (XII) - Brouwerij Westvleteren (Sint-Sixtusabdij van Westvleteren)


The Other

VapeWave Documentary


AmandaEm Website 


City Council passes e-cigarette ordinance - SAN DIEGO

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) - E-Cigarettes come in flavors like bubble gum and strawberry cheesecake, but health officials worry because E-Cigarettes contain nicotine and they are potentially addictive, especially for young people.  According to the CDC, the percentage of middle and high school students in this country who used electronic doubled from 2011 to 2012. City Council members hope today’s unanimous vote will make it harder for these kids to graduate to regular cigarettes. Joe Boardman went from smoking a pack a cigarettes a day before making the switch to e-cigarettes or vaping. "My breathing was terrible for breathing tests. Since I quit cigarettes, it’s has gotten better, better, and better," he said. Where Boardman can vape will soon change. The city council unanimously approved an ordinance that regulates the use and sale of e-Cigarettes. Only those over the age of 18 can buy and vape. Users can only do it where cigarette smoking is allowed. That means no parks, no beaches, and no movie theaters. The new measure was crafted by fifth District Councilman Mark Kersey in order to protect kids. "We spent so many years convincing kids that smoking is bad, and now we have a product that’s basically telling them it’s ok, that nicotine’s fine," said Kersey. There is small amount of nicotine and other additives, including flavorings in the e-liquid, but what comes out in the second hand smoke? It is unclear because the devices are not regulated, and the level of nicotine and toxins vary in what vapors call ‘juice”. Employees at the PB Vape Shoppe and Lounge say they do not sell to anyone under 18 years of age, and they do not think the new regulations will hurt business. PB Vape Shoppe and Lounge and businesses like them will have to have permit. "If they are just a vape shop they will have to have a permit very similar to a tobacco license, and gives us knowledge of who is selling what," said Kersey. Other smoke shop owners told KUSI News they will need three permits to be able to sell tobacco. A permit from the state, one from the city, and one from the police department. The cost? About $400. The new ordinance is now on the mayor’s desk, and according to a rep, he is expected to sign it into law in the next few days. Graduate to regular cigarettes?! seriously? I feel like i’m taking crazy pills here! Can’t we just let parents protect their own kids? Really the worst part of this article isn’t even the legislation. Sure lets make sure that only people over 18 can buy them. Great. I HATE that this article portrays vapers as some sort of junkie, scum, shady subculture.  The vapers that I talk to and interact with are lawyers, veterans, cops, soldiers, mothers, grand mothers, law abiding citizens whom are being portrayed as the bottom rung of society.  Watch the video after the link  -Grimm



The SoCal-Based One-Stop Vape Shop and Distribution

Company is Changing the Lives For Thousands of

Ex-Smokers Worldwide

LOS ANGELES - Like the thousands of customers who flock to VapeRev (www.vaperev.com), the Southern California based one-stop vape shop he launched with his wife Amber Lee in 2012, Charn Premyodhin had tried unsuccessfully for years to quit smoking.


“It wasn’t until a friend introduced me to his first generation eGo battery that I actually saw the potential to quit as a result of using e-cigarettes,” says Charn, a veteran chef who was runningCJ’s Paella, a successful catering company specializing in Spanish cuisine, at the time. “My first experience was mind blowing, and because it was so easy to enjoy, I knew I could quit! I had a lot of friends and family who smoked too, so I started showing them what I was using and one by one, those smokers became vapers. Deciding to start a business was a no brainer at that point. I wanted to help change the world, and I’m grateful that VapeRev has allowed me to do that since 2012.”


Started in the small garage of their Cerritos home before moving into its current and thriving retail location, VapeRev has become a world-class one-stop vape shop and distribution company that is revolutionizing the worldwide vape community. In just two years time, VapeRev has grown to a current team of associates that includes nearly 70 employees.


VapeRev’s initial store location is as much a relaxing and comfortable social environment to “hang” and enjoy both old and new friends alike, as a destination for vapers of all ages (literally, from 18-90!) to learn about, sample, and purchase the very best e-juice flavors and “mods”, the beautifully crafted vape devices whose stainless steel and brass exterior house battery used to power an atomizer heating element which produces the water vapor to be inhaled through a “drip tip” mouthpiece.


The reason for the growth of the industry is obvious. With vaping, there’s no flame, no burning, and therefore zero combustion takes place. This practice provides one component of smoking, nicotine, without having to combust 600 ingredients into over 4,000 chemicals, with over 50 of them known to be cancer causing. In addition, there’s no bad taste, no awful smell, no yellow teeth, no ash, and no cigarette butt litter. As a more positive oral fixation, it’s more socially acceptable these days than regular cigarettes – not to mention the “cool factor.”


Though users are focused more on the taste of everything from straightforward fruit flavors like watermelon and strawberry to slightly sweetened tobacco flavors and more exotic blends, the flavor itself constitutes anywhere from 3 percent – 25 percent of the mix. The base ingredients are  Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).  Many juices use 50 percent PG and 50 percent VG, but some are known to have higher amounts of VG according to the preference of the creator.


E-juice also contains various “strength” levels of nicotine, generally ranging from zero milligrams (for those who want to avoid it altogether) to 24mg, in increments of 3mg or 6mg.  Most commonly you’ll find 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg available to the public. If someone is trying to keep from smoking, it’s suggested that they begin with a level that can properly replace the cigarette and nicotine consumption they are currently used to, then work their way down. E-juice strengths such as 3mg and 9mg have also become more popular due to the number of vapers using this technique.


Explaining the origins of VapeRev, Charn says, “Since opening as a retail store in 2012, we’ve had the pleasure of introducing the vape community to a new level of elegance and sophistication by offering consumers a large variety of quality products in an atmosphere unlike any other. Shortly after the shop opened, we began developing our website and our web-store. Our website features informative educational videos, interviews with several of the manufacturers we represent, and hardware breakdowns describing the features and specifications each of our products have. The success of our retail guests and our online visitors is very important to us, so we strive to provide all the information they need to have a stress-free transition from smoking to vaping!”


Charn, who smoked cigarettes for 20 years before vaping changed his life, says, “I get more satisfaction out of vaping, and there is also the relaxation factor. Plus it tastes so much better and I don’t smell like tobacco. My wife likes that!”

For more information, visit www.vaperev.com.



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