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E-Cigarette Users Would Ignore Bans, Turn to Black Market, Survey Finds - US News

Homemade e-liquid would become popular, community leaders say. Many electronic cigarette users would turn to the black market if products they currently use are banned, according to survey results published Thursday. The finding was reported by the E-Cigarette Forum, which administered a 75-question online poll to 10,000 members in late June and early July. About 79 percent of respondents said they would “look to the black market” if products they use “were banned tomorrow,” while 14 percent said they would return to smoking analog cigarettes. The remainder said they would try to kick their nicotine addictions entirely. An option wasn’t provided for continuing to use the devices and adjusting to prohibitions. Shocking right?  I think this is the overwhelming feedback I get when talking about the FDA.  ”Well, time to stock up and go underground”  I hope it never comes to this honestly.  There is no reason to turn otherwise law-abiding citizens, who simply don’t want to smoke cigarettes, into criminals.  -Grimm

TootLyfe and GrimmGreen gear now available 

I’m pretty excited to announce that as of RIGHT NOW over on the Namberjuice.com site we have opened an area up called VaperThreads, this area will be home to not just GrimmArmy and TootLyfe t-shirts, but hopefully a whole bunch of vape related  shirts and gear.  

I’m pretty excited about this.  My background is in music, and when I hear a band I like, I want to own their shirts and show everyone what i’m into.  vaping is the same way.  I love rocking my CASAA and VapeLyfe gear . So it makes sense to provide these high quality shirts to my fellow vapers. 

VaperThreads will soon offer more original,  high qualityGrimmGreen and vape related shirts hats and merch.  Keep an eye open, and show the world what you are passionate about.  

Keep on vaping friends


"My vaping story" are testimonials and success stories submitted by vapers like you. They will all be archived under the TESTIMONIALS tag. Now let’s meet Cameron

I started vaping around 2010 when the first electronic devices were introduced in Hawaii as Volcano. But, I never did the 100% vape due to lack of will power and other excuses.

I first saw Grimm’s video on the EGO Twist and that was my very first video I saw of him and it changed my life from that point on. I even contacted him about issues and questions and he responded and it was at that point that I had made the decision to go for it.

One full year and so many months later I’m so happy to say that I’m 100% off cigarettes and vapping has changed my life completely. This was part of my letter on CASAA so I won’t go into full depth, but you have been there for me since the very beginning and I just wanted to be in a small part of your next V-log or any of them just because it means a lot to me to be a part of this channel since it’s been the main source of my Journey thus far.

I want to one day show the shout out to my future children and show them who you are and what you and Amber have done for this life changing movement that is Vapping!

Thanks for sharing Cameron! and vape on buddy!


The bungled science has been revealed – Now they need to review the tobacco products directive

The news that new scientific evidence proves e-cigarette liquid is no more dangerous than washing up liquid is a game changer.  Scientists have revealed that basic maths errors by EU officials mean e-cigarette liquid has been wrongly categorised as a highly dangerous substance. Instead of being categorised alongside deadly chemicals like strychnine and formaldehyde, e-liquid belongs be in a much lower hazard category alongside washing-up liquid. If they can get that simple mathematical equation wrong, then what else has potentially been bungled or overstated? Firstly, they need to retrace every step that has seen hugely restrictive legislation and the threat of further sanctions come down on this industry like a sandstorm. The Tobacco Products …  Maybe i’m late to the party but this is pretty fantastic news.  A few people sent this to me.  This particular link came from David from the UK.  Thanks for the link David!  It’s a pretty great article all around.   http://www.ecita.org.uk/

Real VS Fake Sony batteries

Via: http://www.sun-vapers.com/

Fantastic article over on Sun-Vapers.com.  They learned that fake Sony batteries were being sold on e-Bay.  They purchased said batteries and found a multitude of differences between the real and e-bay bought Sony VTC5 batteries. 

Very interesting article, as I have recently purchased many batteries on e-Bay myself.  Lots of good information here.  Thanks to sun-vapers for taking the time to meticulously go over every small detail of these batteries. 

Moral of the story is be careful out there on e-Bay everyone! Sun vapers also took the times to not only inspect the batteries, but to test them as well.  

Head over to Sun-Vapers.com and check out the full article. 


Wickless RDA build by TwistedMesses

I just discovered this video via Reddit, and i’m dying to get home and try this.  I’m completely fascinated by this wickless build.  Whats the advantage you may ask?  how about switching flavors on the fly with very little cross over.  Do you know how amazing something like this for a big VapeMeet would be?  

Anyway, check out the video and let me know how your build goes.  I will personally be trying this first thing when I get back to my office. 

Thanks TwistedMesses.  Check out his YouTube and Instagram accounts.  He has some pretty gorgeous coil builds. 


Double Feature 7/2/14

Hey everyone! welcome to the double feature for Wednesday July 2nd 2014 Got two mods to chat about today. One is a mechanical mod from TACMods called the AR mod, the other is a variable wattage, DNA30 mod from Carbon method called the RADIXv1

So tuck in, grab your best vape and enjoy the videos!

RadixV1 from Carbon Method 

I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment.

Now then. I have truly truly enjoyed my time with the RadixV1 from Carbon Method ( link below ) It kind of feels like i’m using an iTaste MVP V2, but with a dna30 on the inside. This Radix V1 is powered by a 2600mah Sony VTC5 on the inside. No lipo-pack batteries here. Which may or may not be exciting to people. In the event you want a different, or higher MAH battery ( 2500mah is pretty nice ) you can take the back off and replace the 18650 on the inside.

I’ve been charging mine via the included mini USB cable and it’s been fantastic. Internal batteries are absolutely one of my favorite things in the world. Clicky / squishy / somewhat crunchy button on this thing. Not a deal breaker, but also not my favorite button. Powered by the DNA30 so you KNOW you will be getting plenty of power and plenty of performance. Good down to 0.5ohms ( sometimes lower i’m told ) and up to 30w.

Again, I’ve loved using this but you WILL need your vape budged hands without a doubt. Clocking in at $235 it’s a bit on the pricey side for a DNA30. The matte Black DarkStar DNA30 is a bit less at $215 ( and is made to order ) and the VaporShark DNA30 is much less at around $175. So… vape budget hands. In the end it’s up to you how much money you want to spend.

feel free to check out the RadixV1 using the link below http://carbonmethod.com/the-radix/

The AR Mech mod by TAC mods

I received this product at no charge from the vendor for the purpose of doing a video, Therefore it has no monetary value to me. This video is my opinions and experiences with the product, and is in no way intended to be the final hammer of judgment.

Now then. This mech mod comes to me via Royal Diamond Vapes and more ( link below ). Now the AR mod is not my favorite mech. The aesthetics of it aren’t even that appealing to me. Like I said in the video it’s designed to look like an AR-15 rifle. And being that i’ve never used an AR-15, i’m just going to have to take TAC mods word for it. The Damn thing is rugged, No one can argue that. Super solid construction. Durable finish. VERY grippy ( almost sharp ) texure on it. This thing is a workhorse for sure. Slightly annoying battery rattle adjustment. But it does have an adjustable 510 connection so all your RDAs and RBAs and KayFuns will sit nice and flush.

No locking feature on the switch, but the switch will essentially sit flush with the bottom of the mod. Ive never once said “man I wish this AR mod could lock” Ive never felt the need to lock it. But that’s just me. People tell me the AR mod “hits like a beast” it hits well. Hits very much like a lot of the other high end mech mods that i’ve tried. Which is to say it hits good.

Vape budget hands? Clocking in at $165 the AR mod is actually pretty reasonably priced. That’s $10 less than one of my all time favorite mech mods the Titan BY VHO and that one is well worth the money. As always vape what you can vape, and afford what you can afford. In the end how much money you decide to spend is up to you. I will say that the clone of the AR mod is complete garbage, just an awful awful awful hunk of crap.

Feel free to check out the AR mod here http://royaldiamondvapesandmore.com http://royaldiamondvapesandmore.com/mechanical-mods/black-green-ar-mod

Thanks so much for watching everyone!

New and improved, and just in time

Hey everyone! a while back I had done a video for the FreeToVape.org, Drama ensued.  Now that the dust has settled the FreToVape site is secure and ready for you to take action. 

There is an official TOS and Privacy Policy on the site and the Site itself is more secure than ever.  Currently 25685 vapers have answered the call and taken action to help protect their vaping rights. 

If you have not done so yet.  Please head over and click the “TAKE ACTION” tab.  tell your story and get the word out.  Additionally head over to Regulations.gov and submit your feedback DIRECTLY to the FDA. As it stands there are only 37K submissions to the FDA. 

Considering that PBusardo alone has 70K subscribers.  I find this number disappointing to say the least.  This is our last hail mary chance to keep this vaping thing around.  This is serious, we need to get involved. 


E-Cigs Are Killing Tobacco So Much That They May Be Ruining Tobacco Settlement Bonds | Ecig Advanced News

It’s like something out of the real estate crash a few years ago.  So back in the 90′s Big Tobacco settled with states to give them a piece of future revenues as penance for the damage they had already done and would continue to do.  Those states sold bonds that would pay out as long as tobacco kept making money — and tobacco has always been a safe bet. But the rapid introduction of a competing product to a space that never really had one before is putting these bonds at risk.  Since the introduction of electronic cigarettes to the global market, tobacco sales declines — which had stalled in more recent years — are on a renewed path downward.  Well Fargo has even claimed that e-cigs may well surpass tobacco cigarette sales inside the next 10 years.  That would take roughly $45 billion a year away from the revenues subject to the payment of those bonds. Great read by ecigadvanced.  Click the link below to read the whole article.   http://www.ecigadvanced.com/blog/e-cigs-are-so-killing-tobacco-that-they-may-be-ruining-tobacco-settlement-bonds/ My take on it? SPOT ON! of course vaping is cutting into tobacco sales.  Thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people suddenly making the move away from tobacco to vapor will make a huge dent in sales.  Huge dent in sales = huge dent in tax revenue = FDA getting involved to recoup those loses… now let me take my tinfoil hat off.   -Grimm


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